What to Expect at Game-On Fitness:
The Game-On experience begins with scheduling a session. Use the contact information at the bottom of this page to begin this process. It is best to schedule sessions a month in advance whenever possible to ensure time availability, and this allows the instructor to plan the specifics of your event.

Before your event, your instructor needs to meet with you and determine the capabilities of the space you have in mind. Certain spaces will be open enough for movement and running, while others will be more ideal for stationary competitions.

Which brings us to the next factor to consider: What types of exercises do YOU enjoy? Maybe you are a hardcore runner. Or perhaps plyometrics are your jam. Some people enjoy a competitive atmosphere, while others are turned off by it. The main thing is that the workout is built around your preferences.

Do you have a favorite workout song? Artist? Genre? We can build a customized playlist to seamlessly drive the energy of your party. Or, we can plug in your mp3 player and let your music set the ambiance.

And, finally, who is invited to the party? Are you getting ready for a big race with your friends? Do you have trouble getting out of the house with the kids and chores beckoning? (Children 12 and under workout for free with a paying adult, by the way!) Are you and your fiance getting ready for the big day? Or are you just needing a great workout in the comfort of your own home? Regardless, each attendee will need to sign a release form before the workout. Preferably this will be done at the introductory meeting so that any exercise modifications that may be needed can be worked into the plan early.

Once we know these factors, we will be able to plan your Game-On Fitness Party. Game-On Fitness workouts are different each time, and each one is built around you!

Once the Game-On Fitness Party is Scheduled...
On the day of your event your instructor should come early to set up materials and prepare the workout area. Cash, check, or card payments can be made at this time.

When your attendees arrive, prepare any of the extra materials listed at the bottom of this page. The workout will be explained and materials distributed.

Please take note, Game-On Fitness works to make sure events start on time. If there is any reason for delay or cancellation, please give your instructor at least 24 hours notice to avoid a fee. There is no discount for sessions that start late without 24 hours notice given. Also there is a 15-minute wait policy: If your instructor comes to the determined location and is unable to reach you within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time, the instructor can leave after that time. Game-On Fitness works to make sure sessions with individuals before or after your event start on time as well!

"What will I need to have?"

Your instructor will bring most of the needed materials for the workout. But the following items will be necessary for your workout:
  • WATER Bottle! (It's VERY important to stay hydrated)
  • Towel (Just in Case)
  • Any medical needs (i.e. inhaler, glucose pack...) that may be necessary in case of an emergency (Please let your instructor know that you have these items with you)
  • And, finally, a "Play Harder" Attitude!

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