Let's throw a House Party!

Let's face it: Every trainer out there seems to be convinced their workout is "fun". But the fact is that the definition of that word differs from person to person. Now there is a way to be sure YOUR definition is heard: Game-On Fitness!

Game-On Fitness has served the Midtown and surrounding communities for the past four years, keeping you on your toes, and keeping you from falling into the same, old routine. We incorporate a synergistic approach, combining the best aspects of several fitness doctrines...including components of Bootcamp, Functional Training, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, Aerobics, Martial Arts, P-90X, Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit, and more.

And NOW, all of this can be brought to your doorstep. No getting out in the cold (unless that's your thing). No driving across town and back for your hour-long training session. Sure there are workout videos and apps that let you stay in your pajamas, and if those push you at the level you need, then great! But if you need a  personal motivator...that's what I do. You need someone expecting to see you there, and someone pushing you to a specific standard.

The guest list is up to you--if you choose to have any at all! Personal training is an option, or bring your spouse to get in shape alongside you. You can have as many workout buddies as you like (or as many as you can fit in your workout space of choice)!

We bring the materials, the music (unless you prefer your own), and the Game. You bring the friends and the mindset to Play Harder!

Mission Statement:

Game-On Fitness strives to serve its members with a quality workout experience by constantly creating three things:

1. A synergistic workout approach that incorporates the best of many different fitness disciplines while keeping the safety of members a high priority.

2. An environment in which members are empowered and challenged to reach their maximum potential, provided it does not interfere with the first item.

3. A fun atmosphere that allows members to experience "play" in the midst of their exercise routine--provided it does not interfere with the first or second item.

So are you ready to throw your own workout party? A Game-On Fitness session is available by reservation only. The Game Schedule of available time slots will be updated whenever necessary. Regardless of your fitness experiences in the past, I'm excited about working with you to help you find joy in exercise. If you're within reach of Memphis, I hope you can come to be excited about it too!

Let's schedule that Game-On Fitness Party today!

Joshua Spencer

NESTA Certified Group Exercise Instructor

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Work Hard. Play Harder.