For those who have tried everything--running, spinning, gym memberships, home video workouts, and countless fad diets...only to find either that you weren't seeing the results you hoped for, or that you had trouble motivating yourself to actually DO the stuff...welcome home.

At Game-On Fitness, each day's workout is different, keeping you on your toes, and keeping you from falling into the same, old routine (which also keeps your RESULTS* on the rise)! We incorporate a synergistic approach, combining the best aspects of several fitness doctrines...including Fitness Bootcamp, Functional Training, Plyometrics, Aerobics, Martial Arts, P-90X, Pilates, Yoga, Crossfit, BodyPump--you name it.

Game-On Fitness works to motivate you, push you to your potential, and whenever possible, help you actually enjoy your workout.

Sound impossible? Come try a few classes for only $25! Game-On Fitness Classes are available, and the schedule will be updated whenever necessary. Regardless of how you perceive your own physical condition, if you're within reach of Memphis, TN, I'm excited about the possibility of training with you.  Despite your struggles in the past, I hope you can come to be excited about it too!

Let's start the journey together today,

Joshua Spencer

Certified Group Exercise Instructor 

*At Game-On Fitness, your RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED! If you have not seen a reduction in body fat percentage after your first month's regular membership with us, we will fully refund your payment, providing that you have attended classes at least three times per week!